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Home Theater Customized for Your Lifestyle


Customized Home Theater

Total Home Technology we can customize the design and installation of home theaters with one consistent result: a theater to suit your lifestyle. Keep the Lights On, We can help.

The THT Experience

What makes us stand apart is that we understand theater.  Contact Us.  From a customized THX certified installation to family room gathering spot, its all about the experience.

  • How about watching a movie on a projector with lights on in the room?

  • Do you know what the size of a screen should really be for your room?

  • Simplified one button operation.Hide Equipment in Cabinets We Provide

  • What type of speaker solutions gives me the best audio for my room?

  • How about dimming the lights or closing the shades when watching a movie?

Total Home Technology make all aspects of you theater  work together seamlessly so that at a press of a button, the lights dim, the projector turns on, and your favorite DVD starts to play.

Contact us today for a professional solution to suit your lifestyle and room.